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Sport or Personality?

zaratrophy203.jpgWith the “BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award”, the perennial complaint is that it has nothing to do with Personality. With winners such as Nigel Mansell, Michael Owen, Damon Hill and David Beckham its hard to argue the point.

This year promised a first. David Walliams (who we have championed on these pages) was definitely all Personality and not much sport. Sadly he didn’t make the final list which surely is a shame as it would have been very amusing to hear the reverse argument that he’s a “personality” not a “sports person”.

I guess the sad truth is that people like Freddy Flintoff, Ian Botham and Daly Thompson can’t win every year.

However in 2006 the winner has achieved a first of another kind. She is neither a personality or doing a real sport.

Ugli Tree Rating: Horses for courses

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Rugby Balls – it’s all going pear shaped

BallsIts very hard to defend the world of football where the supporters world is a very black and white affair. To a fan life is simple – your team are either heroes or traitors, gods or muppets, the best club in the world or an overpaid bunch of w**kers.

However fickle or simplistic the world of a football fan is – surely anything must be better than being an England Rugby Union fan.

Every England international draws a full house of corporate suits and the comfortably off. And every match they are treated to a one sided spectacle of non-competition, poor hospitality, anti climax and in recent times just straight defeat.

And what do you hear from the England fans as they leave the home of rugby, outrage, anger, abuse? Not a bit of it. The converation is about property prices in Twickenham, their next corporate jolly, the FTSE index, commercial development of the South stand, how the Bordeaux was not room temperature, and bemusement why the Heathrow flight path can’t be changed for major internationals.

Perhaps if one fan stood up in the South Stand and started to chant “You’re crap and you know you are!” perhaps everything might change. It might start a wave of abuse and spleen venting from the most influential section of English society that would lead to the sacking of the manager and a change in the rules of the sport.

Or maybe that would be too impolite.

Ugli tree rating: Rugby league is the best winter spectator support.

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November 11, 2006 at 10:39 pm 2 comments

David Walliams – Sports Personality of the Year, 2006

David WalliamsDavid Walliams star has risen.

We’re big fans of Little Britain but as with most double acts there has to be a funny one and there has to be a Frankie Howerd.

However David Walliams achievement to swim the channel (the 50th fastest ever), raise the odd million for good causes and then talk about it in such an understated way has launched him into the fermament.

So when it comes to sporting acheivement and personality – there can only be one person to consider this year.

Ugli Tree Rating: We like Frankie Howerd – Up Pompeii

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Fashion and the Ryder Cup

us-europesplit.jpgGolf and fashion have never been good bed fellows.

However, the openning of the Ryder cup marks the beginning of a festival of organised bad taste.

In reality the Ryder Cup is an exercise in synchronised fashion disasters occasionally interupted by the occasional bit of golf and pointless press conference.

Ryder Cup shirtFrom the arrival of the teams to the closing ceremony, the players inflict a Kays catalogue of fashion errors on the un-suspecting observer.

And we haven’t even started talking about what the wives and girlfriends are wearing.

Ugli Tree Rating: Cut the phoney war and get on with the golf.

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