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A Show too Far

live-earthI have huge sympathy for the Live Earth organisers – how do you get complex messages across to a mass audience, to effect behaviour, educate and cause political movement on difficult issues.

The answer is that it’s not easy. For example, nuclear power seems a sensible solution to minimising green house gasses however some of the bands wore t-shirts opposing it.

And if music is the answer then presumably the bigger the bands on stage, the better the success. In which case having Duran Duran (re-heated left-overs from the Diana concert the week before) is not a good sign.

During a prolonged instrumental segment by Genesis its very hard to justify humaity’s right to live much longer on this planet.

You’re left feeling that Sir Bob Geldof was right – its just another pop concert – and not a very good one at that.

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eurovision-2004-juontajat.jpgThe recent Eurovision song contest tells us many things about our European neighbours – fashion sense, music, political alliances and geographically based voting patterns.

However the main thing it tells us is that the UK is an island and nobody likes us.

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Who are the Arctic Monkeys?

Here at UgliTree we try and keep our finger on the pulse of popular culture but admit we can sometimes be behind the times. We’ve just uncovered this great song by an artist called Johnny Cash – whoever he is.

Hope you enjoy.

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