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Great but not Green


The 787 looks great and certainly has some amazing technology – however green it is not.

A 20% reduction in fuel consumption must be welcomed but to promote it in terms of its environmentally friendliness is to mis-represent the real costs of air travel.

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New Conservative Logo

Conservative LogoThe new Conservative Party logo has finally been announced – a tree. And at £40,000 quite an expensive tree. One assumes its an oak tree or a horse chestnut no doubt promoting both the Conservative’s English roots and their new green credentials. We’re guessing its not a Dutch Elm or indeed an Ugli Tree.

In truth its not bad. The fact that Norman Tebbit thinks it looks like brocolli and another elderly tory thinks their grand daughter could have done it with her crayons for £1 is a good sign.

Scottish Conservative LogoThe style is a little clipart of the late 90s but I think it sends the right sort of message. It’s also versatile as the Scottish Conservative party have their own variation which is a little darker and leaning less to the right.
No doubt someone at Labour HQ will be preparing posters of dogs going to the loo or men with axes.

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The Back End of a B**

BMW RearIts hard not to go out and see the back end of a BMW (as it cuts you up on the road or fails to stop at a crossing).

What make’s matters worse is the view you get of its rear end as it speeds off. We are of course talking about the design job on the rear of the 6 and 7 series. One theory suggests that the designer, having done an OK job on the front of the car, simply gave up and left it up to the office boy to finish off.

Another theory is that an executive left his briefcase on the clay model of the 7 series just before it was scanned into the production system.

BacksideHowever, a recent photo of the designer’s wife leaving the BMW offices in Stuttgart suggests another more beleivable explanation.

What do you think?

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Welcome to Ugli Tree

ugli.jpgThe Ugli fruit is a delicate fruit, the higher it falls from the Ugli Tree, the more it gets battered and bruised on the way down.

Ugli Tree is a new blog discussing the aesthetics of modern living. In fact the good, the bad and the ugli.
We will be looking at the things that attract or offend our eye or disturb our karma. Our simple rating system reflects this and can be seen in the margin.

We hope you enjoy the site and welcome any comments and suggestions.

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