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City Hall, London

City Hall and Tower BridgeHas anyone noticed that someone has plonked a huge gold fish bowl in one of London’s most historic parts.

While the Millau Viaduct is one of the wonders of the modern engineering world – Norman Foster deserves less praise for this building – in fact a week in the stocks at the Tower of London opposite would be more appropriate

Gold Fish KenWe don’t subscribe to the Prince Charles school of architecture but Sir Norman could take a few cues from Tower Bridge. Despite being only a 100 years old – it has acheived iconic status as one of the great symbols of London. I would be surprised if CityHall will be seen the same way in 2106.


Ugli Tree Rating: The roof of the Reichstag, dropped at an angle in London Say 2


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Hit all the branches on the way down - Ugli.

A big fall - pretty ugli.

Quite alot of damage from this height.

A short drop - a few bruises on the way down.

Doesn’t fall to far - so not bad.

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