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Re-Cut Trailers

taxi_driver.jpgA phenomena is sweeping YouTube. Video editors (presumably with plenty of time on their hands) are creating their own movie trailers. However these one totally mis-represent the film upon the clips are based

Mary Poppins is now Scary Mary and Taxi Driver a romantic feel good movie.

For a look at more trailers – click here for Recut Trailers.

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New Conservative Logo

Conservative LogoThe new Conservative Party logo has finally been announced – a tree. And at £40,000 quite an expensive tree. One assumes its an oak tree or a horse chestnut no doubt promoting both the Conservative’s English roots and their new green credentials. We’re guessing its not a Dutch Elm or indeed an Ugli Tree.

In truth its not bad. The fact that Norman Tebbit thinks it looks like brocolli and another elderly tory thinks their grand daughter could have done it with her crayons for £1 is a good sign.

Scottish Conservative LogoThe style is a little clipart of the late 90s but I think it sends the right sort of message. It’s also versatile as the Scottish Conservative party have their own variation which is a little darker and leaning less to the right.
No doubt someone at Labour HQ will be preparing posters of dogs going to the loo or men with axes.

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