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Sex Life of a Panda

I read the other day that a panda only had sex for 48 hours in an entire year. Poor panda I thought, just 2 days of nookie a year.

However if you think about it, 48 hours equates to about one hour a week or maybe a couple of ‘half-hour sessions’ a week. Not bad really.

I’m sure many married men will think he’s a bit of a lucky b****d.

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Ugli Tree Rating: Over-sexed bamboo eater!


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Great but not Green


The 787 looks great and certainly has some amazing technology – however green it is not.

A 20% reduction in fuel consumption must be welcomed but to promote it in terms of its environmentally friendliness is to mis-represent the real costs of air travel.

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Ugli Tree Rating: Think before you fly.

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Life on Mars – Heaven or Hell

camberwick-green.jpgSo Life on Mars has came to its spectacular conclusion and after many twists and turns in the story, all has become clear.

However, as Sam Tyler sheds this mortal coil in the last show and returns to his old police chums – we are left with one inescapable question.

Is Manchester in 1973 Heaven or Hell?

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Ugli Tree Rating: Ashes to Ashes, Funk to Funky

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Modern life is crap

Gerald Ratner famously described the jewelry he sold in his shops as crap. All of a sudden the story sweeps the country and his entire customer base (who were presumably happy wearing crap jewelery) suddenly decide he’s right and stop buying it.

Strangely, it took Ratner himself to say the dreaded word for everyone to realise what was obvious to us all, that in fact it was all crap.

However in many ways it has happened again.

Jade Goody has made a fortune on the back of her celebrity. Millions of us presumably have bought the magazines she adorned and rushed off to Superdrug to buy her perfume while reading her fascinating autobiography.

Then all of a sudden everyone see her for who she probably is and the bubble bursts. Her perfume is withdrawn from shelves and her book will never make it to paper-back.


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Ugli Tree Rating: The emporers new clothesline

February 7, 2007 at 6:11 pm 1 comment

Better off at a Bernie

BernieAs Mrs Merton famously put it “what first attracted you to the billionaire Bernie Ecclestone?”

Uglie Tree Rating: Grand prix!

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Perpetual eMotion

Perpetual MotionA company in Dublin (Steorn) says it has created a machine that generates more energy than it consumes – in other words perpetual motion. Although this claim breaks all the known laws of the universe – they were very happy to show a Sky news crew around their office and let them film the machine in operation.

What is more interesting though is the response from the scientific community. In the 16th century heretics were burnt at the stake – in the 21 century they get rude emails and abuse from bloggers.

UgliTree can’t vouch for the claims – but we say good luck to you. Mad scientists may ultimately turn out to be just that, mad, but without them nothing new or revolutionary gets created.While rigorous scientific or experimental proof needs to be forthcoming – there’s nothing worse than a community of cliquey scientists cold shouldering new thinking and new ideas.

Join the debate at Steorn’s discussion forum.

Click here to view Sky News Clip

Ugli Tree Rating: Too much Guinness can also cause magnetic wind.

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A Virgin? I don’t believe you

Sir Richard BransonSo Richard Branson has pledged billions of dollars over the next 10 years to help fight global warming. The original press coverage made it sound like a charitable gift to the world. On closer examination this is not quite the case.

My take is that this is more a shrewd business move than a cash hand out. Not only is this a wise investment in new sustainable energy sources, it has the added bonus of boosting the green credentials of the other Virgin brands – particularly the ones that fly people round the world – and out of it. In short, if Branson gets it right he’ll make even more money.

Does this make Richard Branson a bad person. Probably not. On balance we say well done Sir Richard – now cancel your space flights

Uglie Tree Rating: In Space – you can’t hear Tubular Bells.
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