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Spend Thrift

gbrown2009 is going to be dominated by the world-wide recession and the credit crunch. We all agree that this has been caused by bankers lending money they didn’t have to consumers living beyond their means.

So what is Gordon Browns  solution to this predicament? He wants banks to lend more and consumers to spend more.  Seems a bit odd to me.

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Ugliee tree rating: Why can’t we go out and make something instead.


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A Show too Far

live-earthI have huge sympathy for the Live Earth organisers – how do you get complex messages across to a mass audience, to effect behaviour, educate and cause political movement on difficult issues.

The answer is that it’s not easy. For example, nuclear power seems a sensible solution to minimising green house gasses however some of the bands wore t-shirts opposing it.

And if music is the answer then presumably the bigger the bands on stage, the better the success. In which case having Duran Duran (re-heated left-overs from the Diana concert the week before) is not a good sign.

During a prolonged instrumental segment by Genesis its very hard to justify humaity’s right to live much longer on this planet.

You’re left feeling that Sir Bob Geldof was right – its just another pop concert – and not a very good one at that.

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Ugli Tree Rating: Bad enough to force people to turn off their tellies – good for the environment.

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eurovision-2004-juontajat.jpgThe recent Eurovision song contest tells us many things about our European neighbours – fashion sense, music, political alliances and geographically based voting patterns.

However the main thing it tells us is that the UK is an island and nobody likes us.

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Ugli Tree Rating:  Puppet on a string.

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Last of the Summer Car Reviews

top_gear_summer_wine1.jpgHas anyone noticed how Top Gear is turning into Last of the Summer Wine?

Three old chums, who should know better, fooling around in the countryside for comic effect.

All they need is a laughter track and Nora Batty’s tights and the transition will be complete.

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Ugli Tree Rating: Looking forward to Clegg’s review of the new Audi A5!

March 12, 2007 at 10:26 am 1 comment

A Jamie Oliver Christmas

Jamie Shaking his FlavoursChristmas is about shopping and this year Jamie Oliver has his face on more products than anyone else. If it’s not his Sainsbury commercials, or his books, it’s his complete range of kitchen equipment and portable cooking accessories. And of course there is the Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker.

Over the years there have been a range of indispensable culinary products destined to go straight from under the Christmas tree to permanent storage in the far reaches of kitchen cupboards.

The Wok was the greatest of these. Others include, deep fat fryers, slow cookers, cappuccino whisks, toasted sandwich makers, those big silver orange squeezers with a handle, ice cream makers, pasta machines and basically anything made by Breville.

As we speak, Juicers from around the country are being put back into boxes and lifted into the invisible dusty gap between wall units and the ceiling – never to be seen again.

Unlike good ol’ Jamie – the Flavour Shaker is surely soon to disappear. Either to the dark corners of UK kitchens or if you loose the ball – straight into the bin.

Ugli Tree Rating: The Flavour Shaker – surely the Wok of the 21st Century.

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Atlantic Boring

Ben and JamesHave you ever hired a boat on a boating lake for an hour and after 10 minutes you realise what a boring and pointless thing you’re doing and you want to come in. Well enter James Cracknell and Ben Fogle.

While I can accept that 2 young, good-looking and talented men may want to spend 2 months living and rowing on a boat in the middle of the ocean – I find it less acceptable that they would then try and write a book about it.

Clearly doing something very boring and pointless is up to them – as long as they keep it to themselves then thats just fine. But to try and inflict it on the rest of the country in a book (and dvd by the way) is quite disturbing.

What exactly will we find out by reading this book – the sea is choppy; its a long way to America; sea water is salty; its tiring rowing all day; there’s not much scenery; maybe we might even learn a few fishing tips.

Now if there was some kind of Brokeback Mountain thing going on in the book then that might be a more compelling sub-plot. However you only need to read the promotional blurb that comes with the book to know what its going to be like.

“..but as the security of dry land became a distant memory, the full
enormity of what they had committed themselves to became apparent: they were surrounded by ocean on all sides, hundreds of miles from home, trapped together in a tiny space for every waking moment. “


Ugli tree rating: Please do something more interesting instead.
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November 10, 2006 at 10:05 am 1 comment

European Champions

Obese KidsAs England’s footballers meet some tougher opposition in the European Cup and are shown wanting, it’s good to know that there is one league where we remain defiantly the best in Europe and sit proudly at the top of the table. I am of course talking about the Europen Obesity League.

And as the younger geneation of this great country sit in front of their play stations and shovel in processed food with chips – we can take heart in the fact that although we may be loosing a generation of fit healthy footballers and are condemning ouselves to mediocre football for years to come – we are at least guaranteeting our place at the top of this prestigious league.

Ugli Tree Rating: The biggest and the best.

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