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Neate Idea

adamneateAdam Neate has given away 1000 pieces of artwork in one night throughout London. The artwork is already for sale on Ebay and if prices are to go by – this represents £500,000 worth of artwork.


Uglitee rating: The best things in life really are free


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Mother of Invention

mbox.jpgThe co-founder of Matchbox Toys, Jack Odell, died recently, aged 87.

His idea for matchbox sized cars came from his daughters school who banned all toys which couldn’t fit into a matchbox.

He will no doubt be buried in a slightly bigger box but is guaranteed his place in toy heaven.

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Ugli Tree Rating:  An essential part of growing up (for boys)

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Dots before my eyes

Damien Hirst DotsIn my day – a dead fish in a fish tank and un-made bed were symbols of your student digs. Now these are icons of international moden art and their creators are now millionaires, or in the case of Damien Hirst a millionaire a hundred times over.

Its easy to snipe at these people. My view is that the world is a better place with them in it – and after all its not their fault that collectors want to their spend millions on their artwork.

What’s interesting about Hirst’s work is that most of it he has never touched. Instead it comes off a production line where a team of people assemble things from plans and colour by numbers. He didn’t even catch the tiger shark now pickled in formaldyhide.

Unlike most other art forms, modern art is able to do this. If Van Gogh had been rich and famous in his life time I guess he may have hired a team of painters and knocked out 700 hundred Sunflowers (rather than the 7 he did himself).

What’s cool about Hirst is that he has re-invested his fortune into other contemporary artwork. He also plans to house his collection in his huge gothic mansion in the country which one day he may leave to the nation.

I for one hope he does and look forward to seeing it.

Ugli Tree Rating: I know what I like.

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Green is the new sexy

Tesla RoadsterChanging all your light bulbs, lagging your hot water tank and getting a bus to work, while beneficial for the environment, is not exactly sexy stuff. However the Tesla Roadster is about to change all this.

0-60 in 4 seconds at 135 mpg effectively combines the performance of a Lamborghini with the fuel consumption of a scooter.

Oh yes, it doesn’t look too bad either.

Ugli tree rating: Plug me in and turn me on

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Peter Pan 2

In 1929 Peter PanJM Barrie gifted his royalties in Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Hospital. These royalties should have expired by now but were exteended indefinitely in the UK and extended in the US until 2023. They do however expire in Europe next year. With this in mind a new book has just been launched to raise more money for this great hospital: Peter Pan In Scarlet.

We say – good luck with the new book.

Ugli Tree Rating: Not to be confused with the horrible Spielberg film “Hook” starring Robin Williams.

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Who are the Arctic Monkeys?

Here at UgliTree we try and keep our finger on the pulse of popular culture but admit we can sometimes be behind the times. We’ve just uncovered this great song by an artist called Johnny Cash – whoever he is.

Hope you enjoy.

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David Walliams – Sports Personality of the Year, 2006

David WalliamsDavid Walliams star has risen.

We’re big fans of Little Britain but as with most double acts there has to be a funny one and there has to be a Frankie Howerd.

However David Walliams achievement to swim the channel (the 50th fastest ever), raise the odd million for good causes and then talk about it in such an understated way has launched him into the fermament.

So when it comes to sporting acheivement and personality – there can only be one person to consider this year.

Ugli Tree Rating: We like Frankie Howerd – Up Pompeii

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