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Yo Blair!

blairJust saw a re-run of Tony Blair on the Simpsons. He recorded his lines for the show at the height of our involvement in the Iraq war.  At the time it struck me as rather unfortunate timing, especially considering the disasterous nature of the war.

The news today that Tony Blair will have earned £15m since he left office is a considerable acheivement. The only problem is that in thise same period he has been the UN Envoy to the Middle East. While he has no doubt mixed with the world richest and most influential people in a ccumulating this huge sum of money,  he has not once been to Gaza.

Lets hope this sizeable pile of cash is a consellation to the tragedy in Gaza, which has taken place on his watch.


Ugli Tree Rating: Perhaps you can work a little harder and earn a little less.


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Close Encounters

turbineThere have been some interesting explanations for the damage caused to a wind turbine in Lincolnshire.

A local group of UFO enthusiasts (you can always find a local UFO group) claim the damage was caused by a flying saucer or some sort of space vehicle.

Now excuse me, the idea of a UFO flying across millions of light years, avoiding meteor showers, worm holes, black holes, solar flares and finally Earth’s atmosphere only to be kiboshed by a small rotating turbine seem a little far fetch.

Having said that I’ve travelled across continents only to get my luggage trapped in a revolivng door of the departure terminal so maybe there is something in it.


Uglitree rating: We are not alone.

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Spend Thrift

gbrown2009 is going to be dominated by the world-wide recession and the credit crunch. We all agree that this has been caused by bankers lending money they didn’t have to consumers living beyond their means.

So what is Gordon Browns  solution to this predicament? He wants banks to lend more and consumers to spend more.  Seems a bit odd to me.

Say 3

Ugliee tree rating: Why can’t we go out and make something instead.

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