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A Show too Far

live-earthI have huge sympathy for the Live Earth organisers – how do you get complex messages across to a mass audience, to effect behaviour, educate and cause political movement on difficult issues.

The answer is that it’s not easy. For example, nuclear power seems a sensible solution to minimising green house gasses however some of the bands wore t-shirts opposing it.

And if music is the answer then presumably the bigger the bands on stage, the better the success. In which case having Duran Duran (re-heated left-overs from the Diana concert the week before) is not a good sign.

During a prolonged instrumental segment by Genesis its very hard to justify humaity’s right to live much longer on this planet.

You’re left feeling that Sir Bob Geldof was right – its just another pop concert – and not a very good one at that.

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Great but not Green


The 787 looks great and certainly has some amazing technology – however green it is not.

A 20% reduction in fuel consumption must be welcomed but to promote it in terms of its environmentally friendliness is to mis-represent the real costs of air travel.

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Mother of Invention

mbox.jpgThe co-founder of Matchbox Toys, Jack Odell, died recently, aged 87.

His idea for matchbox sized cars came from his daughters school who banned all toys which couldn’t fit into a matchbox.

He will no doubt be buried in a slightly bigger box but is guaranteed his place in toy heaven.

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