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Carbon Offset? Plant more Ugli Trees!

How many Ugli Trees do you need to plant to offset your return flight to Florida?

Well the sad truth is that you probably can’t. Once you’ve burnt the hydrocarbons to get you across the Atlantic there’s no easy way to get it back into the ground again. The Genie is out of the bottle.

However, there are lots of companies that will gladly take your money in order to make you feel better about your impact on the future of the planet. Unfortunately there is no way of auditing these schemes and no way of guaranteeing that a tree grown one year doesn’t go up in smoke the next.

While the phony nature of carbon offsetting maybe hard to debunk – some guys in Wales have produced a great spoof website that explains it better than any scientist could. See

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Hit all the branches on the way down - Ugli.

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