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Modern life is crap

Gerald Ratner famously described the jewelry he sold in his shops as crap. All of a sudden the story sweeps the country and his entire customer base (who were presumably happy wearing crap jewelery) suddenly decide he’s right and stop buying it.

Strangely, it took Ratner himself to say the dreaded word for everyone to realise what was obvious to us all, that in fact it was all crap.

However in many ways it has happened again.

Jade Goody has made a fortune on the back of her celebrity. Millions of us presumably have bought the magazines she adorned and rushed off to Superdrug to buy her perfume while reading her fascinating autobiography.

Then all of a sudden everyone see her for who she probably is and the bubble bursts. Her perfume is withdrawn from shelves and her book will never make it to paper-back.


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Ugli Tree Rating: The emporers new clothesline


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