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Dots before my eyes

Damien Hirst DotsIn my day – a dead fish in a fish tank and un-made bed were symbols of your student digs. Now these are icons of international moden art and their creators are now millionaires, or in the case of Damien Hirst a millionaire a hundred times over.

Its easy to snipe at these people. My view is that the world is a better place with them in it – and after all its not their fault that collectors want to their spend millions on their artwork.

What’s interesting about Hirst’s work is that most of it he has never touched. Instead it comes off a production line where a team of people assemble things from plans and colour by numbers. He didn’t even catch the tiger shark now pickled in formaldyhide.

Unlike most other art forms, modern art is able to do this. If Van Gogh had been rich and famous in his life time I guess he may have hired a team of painters and knocked out 700 hundred Sunflowers (rather than the 7 he did himself).

What’s cool about Hirst is that he has re-invested his fortune into other contemporary artwork. He also plans to house his collection in his huge gothic mansion in the country which one day he may leave to the nation.

I for one hope he does and look forward to seeing it.

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