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Sport or Personality?

zaratrophy203.jpgWith the “BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award”, the perennial complaint is that it has nothing to do with Personality. With winners such as Nigel Mansell, Michael Owen, Damon Hill and David Beckham its hard to argue the point.

This year promised a first. David Walliams (who we have championed on these pages) was definitely all Personality and not much sport. Sadly he didn’t make the final list which surely is a shame as it would have been very amusing to hear the reverse argument that he’s a “personality” not a “sports person”.

I guess the sad truth is that people like Freddy Flintoff, Ian Botham and Daly Thompson can’t win every year.

However in 2006 the winner has achieved a first of another kind. She is neither a personality or doing a real sport.

Ugli Tree Rating: Horses for courses

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A Jamie Oliver Christmas

Jamie Shaking his FlavoursChristmas is about shopping and this year Jamie Oliver has his face on more products than anyone else. If it’s not his Sainsbury commercials, or his books, it’s his complete range of kitchen equipment and portable cooking accessories. And of course there is the Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker.

Over the years there have been a range of indispensable culinary products destined to go straight from under the Christmas tree to permanent storage in the far reaches of kitchen cupboards.

The Wok was the greatest of these. Others include, deep fat fryers, slow cookers, cappuccino whisks, toasted sandwich makers, those big silver orange squeezers with a handle, ice cream makers, pasta machines and basically anything made by Breville.

As we speak, Juicers from around the country are being put back into boxes and lifted into the invisible dusty gap between wall units and the ceiling – never to be seen again.

Unlike good ol’ Jamie – the Flavour Shaker is surely soon to disappear. Either to the dark corners of UK kitchens or if you loose the ball – straight into the bin.

Ugli Tree Rating: The Flavour Shaker – surely the Wok of the 21st Century.

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