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Coming Zune..

Microsoft ZuneMicrosoft is about to launch its new iPod killing device. However on first inspection it would appear they have missed an important element which was vital in the iPod’s success. What it looks like.

It would appear Microsoft have taken their design cues from a 70s Sinclair computer rather than the hyper -cool iPod. And given its thickness it looks like they must be using some of Sir Clives old circuit boards as well.
Sinclair Computer
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Better off at a Bernie

BernieAs Mrs Merton famously put it “what first attracted you to the billionaire Bernie Ecclestone?”

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Perpetual eMotion

Perpetual MotionA company in Dublin (Steorn) says it has created a machine that generates more energy than it consumes – in other words perpetual motion. Although this claim breaks all the known laws of the universe – they were very happy to show a Sky news crew around their office and let them film the machine in operation.

What is more interesting though is the response from the scientific community. In the 16th century heretics were burnt at the stake – in the 21 century they get rude emails and abuse from bloggers.

UgliTree can’t vouch for the claims – but we say good luck to you. Mad scientists may ultimately turn out to be just that, mad, but without them nothing new or revolutionary gets created.While rigorous scientific or experimental proof needs to be forthcoming – there’s nothing worse than a community of cliquey scientists cold shouldering new thinking and new ideas.

Join the debate at Steorn’s discussion forum.

Click here to view Sky News Clip

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A Virgin? I don’t believe you

Sir Richard BransonSo Richard Branson has pledged billions of dollars over the next 10 years to help fight global warming. The original press coverage made it sound like a charitable gift to the world. On closer examination this is not quite the case.

My take is that this is more a shrewd business move than a cash hand out. Not only is this a wise investment in new sustainable energy sources, it has the added bonus of boosting the green credentials of the other Virgin brands – particularly the ones that fly people round the world – and out of it. In short, if Branson gets it right he’ll make even more money.

Does this make Richard Branson a bad person. Probably not. On balance we say well done Sir Richard – now cancel your space flights

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Who are the Arctic Monkeys?

Here at UgliTree we try and keep our finger on the pulse of popular culture but admit we can sometimes be behind the times. We’ve just uncovered this great song by an artist called Johnny Cash – whoever he is.

Hope you enjoy.

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David Walliams – Sports Personality of the Year, 2006

David WalliamsDavid Walliams star has risen.

We’re big fans of Little Britain but as with most double acts there has to be a funny one and there has to be a Frankie Howerd.

However David Walliams achievement to swim the channel (the 50th fastest ever), raise the odd million for good causes and then talk about it in such an understated way has launched him into the fermament.

So when it comes to sporting acheivement and personality – there can only be one person to consider this year.

Ugli Tree Rating: We like Frankie Howerd – Up Pompeii

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Fashion and the Ryder Cup

us-europesplit.jpgGolf and fashion have never been good bed fellows.

However, the openning of the Ryder cup marks the beginning of a festival of organised bad taste.

In reality the Ryder Cup is an exercise in synchronised fashion disasters occasionally interupted by the occasional bit of golf and pointless press conference.

Ryder Cup shirtFrom the arrival of the teams to the closing ceremony, the players inflict a Kays catalogue of fashion errors on the un-suspecting observer.

And we haven’t even started talking about what the wives and girlfriends are wearing.

Ugli Tree Rating: Cut the phoney war and get on with the golf.

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